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Customer Testimonials

"I have had many opportunities to talk with Mollee and there have been occasions that she has shared very accurate and helpful information, that she could not have known prior about my family and upbringing.  She has told me good things and things that are not so happy but have been very  helpful in my moving forward in my life."

Cindy H., Colorado

"I referred a client to Mollee that I worked with in Houston, they never knew each other  before speaking that day.  Mollee told my co-worker  details of her brother's death and what their relationship was like.  She also told of his characteristics that only family would know.  She also told of a future encounter and was able to give a name and advised my co-worker to roll with the encounter, which turned out positive as Mollee said.  I was pretty amazed that everything was so accurate and have referred many to Mollee since then."

Amanda B., Texas

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